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Marine Towing Hook

Marine Towing Hook

Marine Towing Hook

Application: Marine towing hook is used for mooring and towing instead of traditional bollard. It can release mooring ropes through a simple operation. Towing hooks can release the mooring ropes in a short time when vessel or dock faces emergent cases such as fires. It well ensures the safety of vessel and personnel and helps avoid big losses. According to the different release methods, marine towing hooks have various types to meet customer’s different usage. Marine towing hooks can be operated manually or through remote control (pneumatic release or hydraulic release).Divided according to the shapes, we supply disc towing hook, spring towing hook,springless towing hook, harbour towing hook, quick release towing hook, pelican hook, buoy release hook etc.All our products are of high quality and get approvals of CCS, ABS, BV, LR etc.Our company is the 7-year gold supplier of marine equipment. We can supply both the standard products and customized products to meet our customer’s special requirements.If you're interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via an e-mail or a phone call. We'll give you a quick and satisfactory reply.

Except harbor type towing hook, we also supply the following types:

1. Disc Towing Hook

2. Spring Towing Hook

3. Springless Towing Hook

4. Quick Release Towing Hook

5. Pneumatic Release Disc Towing Hook

6. Manual Release Disc Towing Hook

7. Pneumatic Release Harbour Towing Hook

8. Hydraulic Release Towing Hook

9. Manual Release Spring Towing Hook

10. Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

11. Single Quick Release Mooring Hook

12. Double Quick Release Mooring Hook

13. Triple Quick Release Mooring Hook

14. Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Hook

15. Pelican Hook

16. Buoy Type Quick Release Hook

Marine towing hook in factory:

Marine Towing Hook

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