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Double Quick Release Mooring Hook

Double Quick Release Mooring Hook


Double quick release mooring hookA double quick release mooring hook is a device used in marine applications for secure mooring and quick release of vessels. It is designed to provide a strong and reliable connection between a ship and a berth or other mooring point while allowing for rapid disengagement when required.
The double quick release mooring hook consists of two main components: the hook itself and the release mechanism. The hook is typically made of high-strength steel and is designed to securely engage with a chain or rope attached to the ship's mooring lines. It has a large, curved shape that allows the chain or rope to slide into the hook, ensuring a solid connection.
The release mechanism is a crucial part of the double quick release mooring hook. It is designed to quickly disengage the hook from the mooring line when activated. This mechanism can be triggered manually or automatically, depending on the specific design. In emergency situations or during swift departures, the quick release feature allows for rapid detachment of the mooring line, enabling the vessel to quickly move away from the berth or mooring point.
The double quick release mooring hook offers several advantages. It provides a secure and stable connection between the ship and the mooring point, ensuring that the vessel remains in position during normal operations. Additionally, the quick release capability enhances safety by allowing for swift disengagement in emergency situations, such as strong winds, tides, or unexpected incidents that require the vessel to move away rapidly.
These hooks are commonly used in various maritime industries, including shipping ports, offshore oil and gas platforms, and shipyards. They are available in different sizes and load capacities to accommodate various vessel types and mooring requirements.

Specification of Double Quick Release Mooring Hook:

1. Safe Working Load: 400kN to 1500kN;
2. Capacity: 800kN to 3000kN;
3. Weight: 491kg~2332kg;
4. Qty. of Hook: 2 hooks;
5. Certificate: ABS, CCS, BV, DNV, LR, NK, etc..

Drawing of Double Quick Release Mooring Hook for Reference:

Parameters of Double Quick Release Mooring Hook for Reference:

S.W.L. Cap. Wt. A B BB C D E EE F G H K R X
400 800 491 583 650 700 260 54 235 260 35 370 1233 96 90 6*M48
600 1200 878 788 750 780 290 62 275 290 45 407 1536 130 100 6*M56
750 1500 1049 888 750 850 325 70 275 325 45 417 1638 130 100 6*M64
1000 2000 1439 959 750 925 363 78 275 363 50 447 1709 150 100 6*M72
1250 2500 1602 1030 750 925 363 86 275 363 55 479 1780 150 100 6*M80
1500 3000 2332 1210 750 1000 400 86 275 400 55 499 1960 150 100 7*M80
Display of Double Quick Release Mooring Hook:

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