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Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Application: Pneumatic spring towing hook, namely, is one type of marine towing hook which is controlled by pneumatic release mechanism and has a spring. This type of towing hook makes the ships be towed safely even under severe working conditions and allows the towing line to be released whether slack or under full safe working load. The towing hooks have a quick release mechanism that facilitates the instantaneous disengagement of the towing line to ensure the safety of the tug and personnel. The pneumatic release spring towing hook is released through remote control system from the wheel house by pulling the release wire or by pushing a button. We supply all kinds of marine towing hooks. For more detail information, please feel free to contact us.


1. Usage:mooring & towing

2. Standard: CB*3064-79

3. Type: Spring Type

4. Operation System: Pneumatic Control

5. SWL: 200KN to 600KN

6. Material: Steel (most parts)

7. Smooth Surface without Burrs, Cracks, Blackspot or Any Other Defects;

8. Pass the Strength Test and Painted by Anti-rust Paint on the Surface

9. Certificate: CCS,BV,ABS,LR,NK etc.

10. Customized Products for Customer’s Needs

Available Type of Marine Towing Hooks:

1. Spring Towing Hook

2. Disc Towing Hook

3. Quick Release Hook

4. Pelican Hook

5. Marine Harbour Towing Hook

6. Manual Release Spring Towing Hook

7. Manual Release Spring-less Towing Hook

8. Pneumatic Release Disc Towing Hook

9. Hydraulic Release Disc Towing Hook

10. Hydraulic Release Harbour Towing Hook

11. Single Quick Release Mooring Hook

12. Double Quick Release Mooring Hook

13. Triple Quick Release Mooring Hook

14. Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Hook

Drawing of Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook:

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

SWL  (KN) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Link Dimensions (mm) Roller Radius of Action  (mm) Air Cylinder Pressure (Mpa)
200 1830 1630 340 R50 614 342 70 150 210 1400~1475 0.6~0.8
300 2015 1780 384 R70 805 595 85 170 240 1690~1805
400 1935 1655 404 R75 830 697 90 190 260 1490~1590
600 2270 1906 485 R90 940 1234 110 240 340 1740~1845

Marine towing hook in factory:

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

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