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Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook


A pneumatic release spring towing hook is a mechanical device used for connecting and releasing a tow line between two vehicles or objects. It is commonly used in marine applications, such as on ships, barges, or offshore platforms, where the towing of heavy loads or vessels is required.
The towing hook consists of several key components. It typically includes a robust metal frame or housing that houses the internal mechanisms. Inside the housing, there is a spring-loaded mechanism that provides the tension and force required for towing operations. The spring is usually a heavy-duty coil spring designed to withstand high loads.
The towing hook also features a release mechanism, which is typically pneumatically operated. This means that it utilizes compressed air or gas to trigger the release action. The pneumatic system allows for quick and reliable release of the tow line when necessary. It is often controlled remotely from a control station or through an automated system.
To connect the tow line, the hook has a sturdy and reliable coupling mechanism. This coupling mechanism is designed to securely hold the tow line in place during towing operations. It ensures a strong connection between the towing hook and the towed object, providing stability and control during the towing process.
When it's time to release the tow line, the pneumatic system is activated, and the compressed air or gas releases the coupling mechanism. This action allows the tow line to be quickly and safely disconnected from the towing hook. The release process is usually smooth and controlled, preventing any sudden or jarring movements that could endanger the vessels or personnel involved.
Pneumatic release spring towing hooks are designed to withstand harsh marine environments and heavy loads. They are often made from high-strength materials such as steel or other corrosion-resistant alloys to ensure durability and longevity. These hooks undergo rigorous testing and certification to meet industry standards and regulations for safe towing operations.

Available Type of Marine Towing Hooks:

1. Spring Towing Hook

2. Disc Towing Hook

3. Quick Release Hook

4. Pelican Hook

5. Marine Harbour Towing Hook

6. Manual Release Spring Towing Hook

7. Manual Release Spring-less Towing Hook

8. Pneumatic Release Disc Towing Hook

9. Hydraulic Release Disc Towing Hook

10. Hydraulic Release Harbour Towing Hook

11. Single Quick Release Mooring Hook

12. Double Quick Release Mooring Hook

13. Triple Quick Release Mooring Hook

14. Quadruple Quick Release Mooring Hook

Drawing of Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook:

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook

Parameters of Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook:

SWL  (KN) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Link Dimensions (mm) Roller Radius of Action  (mm) Air Cylinder Pressure (Mpa)
200 1830 1630 340 R50 614 342 70 150 210 1400~1475 0.6~0.8
300 2015 1780 384 R70 805 595 85 170 240 1690~1805
400 1935 1655 404 R75 830 697 90 190 260 1490~1590
600 2270 1906 485 R90 940 1234 110 240 340 1740~1845

1. Usage: mooring & towing;

2. Standard: CB*3064-79;

3. Type: Spring Type;

4. Operation System: Pneumatic Control;

5. SWL: 200KN to 600KN;

6. Material: Steel (most parts);

7. Certificate: CCS,BV,ABS,LR,NK, etc.;

8. Customized Products for Customer’s Needs.

Pneumatic Release Spring Towing Hook in Testing:

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