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Ship Towing Hook

ship towing hook

Ship Towing Hook

Application: Ship towing hooks make ships be towed safely under severe working conditions. All the towing hooks except the buoy release hook can release the towing line whether slack or under full safe working load. Comparing with the original bollard, marine towing hooks has a quick release mechanism which disconnect the towing line immediately to ensure the safety of the vessel and personnel. Ship towing hooks can release towing lines through manual operation or remote control. The remote control systems can be a pneumatic or hydraulic release mechanism.If you're interested in our product, please do not hesitate to contact us via an e-mail or a phone call. We'll give you a quick and satisfactory reply.

We supply various types and sizes of marine towing hooks. For more detail information about the products, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Ship Towing Hook

1. Application: Deck,Dock, Vessel,Buoy etc.

2. Usage: Mooring and Towing

3. Simple to Operate

4. Quick Release

5. Manual Release or Remote Control (Pneumatic/Hydraulic Release)

6. Easy Maintenance

7. Durable, Long Lifespan

8. Get Approved by ABS, CCS, BV, DNV·LR, NK etc.

9. Special Customized Service

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ship towing hook

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