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Trawl Net

Trawl Net

Trawl net is trawling along the sea floor. It is also referred to as "dragging". Trawl net is the use of the ships movements to tow fishing gear in the sea or in seawater, forcing fishing gear to catch the fish, shrimp, crabs, and other fishing objects into the net.

The trawl net could be divided as inshore fishing and pelagic fishing. The pelagic fishing is at a hard condition and the sea situation is always to change, the trawl net have to strong enough and not easy to damage.

Features for Trawl Net

. High Strength, high tenacity polyethylene

. Wear resistant

. Save fuel and energy

. Suitable for the deep sea and oceangoing fishing

. All the specifications of trawl net can be customized by customer's requirements.

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