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Multi-filament Fishing Net

Multi-filament Fishing Net

Multi-filament fishing net is a kind of strong, UV treated, softer net, so that it’s a popular, economic netting choice. Multi-filament fishing net is more limp and easier to catch a fish than mono-filament fishing net.

Features for Multi-filament Fishing Net

. High flexibility

. High strength

. Anti- UV

. Resistance to cut and holes

. Easy to operate

. Knot stability

Specifications for Multi-filament Fishing Net

Type of net: knotted net/knotless net

Material: high strength nylon multifilament

Process: UV treatment and heat setting

Diameter: 210D/2 ply– 210D/400ply

Mesh size: 10mmsq – 500mmsq

Depth: As your requested

Lengthas customer’s request

Colors: White, red, black, green and other colors as your requested.


. Used for catching & deep sea fish breed

. Aquaculture

. Sports applications

. Protector nets

. Cargo handling

. Free fall safety nets

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