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Knotted Fishing Net

Knotted Fishing Net


Knotted Fishing Net is a kind of net which can catch fishes, and it increase the fishing working efficiency. It can be made from Nylon(Polyamide), polyester, polyethylene or other materials. This knotted fishing net has stable structure, light weight, high strength nodule and it’s wearing resistant.

Features for Knotted Fishing Net

. High strength, softness

. Stable structure

. Good tenacity

. Proper breaking length

. Easy to operate

. Long service life

Descriptions for Knotted Fishing Net

Materials: Nylon, PE, HDPE, polyester or others

Twine: 210D/6ply-210D/240ply, 380D/6ply-380D/180ply

Mesh: 20 mm-800 mm

Length: Customized

Depth: Customized

Knot type: Knotted net

Color: blue, green, white etc.

Applications for Knotted Fishing Net

. Catching fishes in the sea and fresh water

. As the raw materials of net cages, fish cage and other capture tools.

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