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Purse Seine Net

Purse Seine Net

Purse Seine Net is an advanced fishing gear with the largest nets and the highest net output in marine fishing. It’s a fishing method that cast the net at full speed to surround the target fish school and haul up the net quickly to catch them. Purse seine net hangs vertically in the water, its bottom edge held down by weights and its top edge buoyed by floats.

Features for Purse Seine Net

. Optimal knot strength

. Abrasion resistance, water absorption

. Better sinking speed

Comparisons of Purse Seine Net and Common Seine Net
. Less Labors: A common seine boat needs 16 laborers, yet one purse seine only need 12 laborers.
. More amount of fishing caught: A common seine boat needs manual operation, thus can only fish on time. Yet, a purse seine boat can be implemented automatically, each night can catch 3 times sue to the fast speed of fishing net into the water and outside the water.
. Excellent wind resistant ability: A common seine net can only work under the 6-7 levels wind, but the purse seine net can work under 8-9 leveles wind.
. Can catch in the deep water: The common seine net can work in about 60m water depth, while the purse seine net can work in above 150m depth.

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