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Nylon Fishing Net

Nylon Fishing Net


Nylon fishing net is a kind of net which is soft, high strength quality and UV stabilized. And it can help people increase the catch efficiency and fishes can’t get rid of it easily. This net has knotless style and knotted style. Knotless fishing net has less of friction that it is easy for people to drag it in the water. Knotted fishing net with braided twines so that has the high strength and can be used for a long time.

Specifications of Nylon Fishing Net

. Material: Nylon(Or other materials can supply, like PE, HDPE, Polyester, etc.)

. Length: 10m- 2000m as your requested

. Depth: 10md-1000md

. Mesh Size: 10mm -125mm

. Colors: Black, white, blue, green or customized according to your request

Key Features of Nylon Fishing Net

. UV stabilized

. High strength, softness

. Good toughness

. Stable structure

. Easy to operate

. Long service lifespan

Applications for Nylon Fishing Net

Catching fishes in the sea or fresh water, lakes, rivers, ditches.

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