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PE Fishing Net

PE Fishing Net


PE(Polyethylene) fishing net can bear heavy weights and wave impacts, and it’s ideal for oceangoing fisheries. PE fishing net has two knot types: Knotless type and knotted type. Knotless fishing net with square meshes are durable and it is soft and easy to operate, knotted fishing net with small diamond meshes can hold many small fishes and can be used for a long time.

Features for PE Fishing Net

. High Breaking Strength

. Good Wear Resistance

. Anti-violet, Anti-fouling, Anti-aging

. High Finish, Long Service Life

Specifications for PE Fishing Net

Type of net: knotted net/knotless net

Material: high strength polyethylene

Process: UV treatment and heat setting

Diameter: According to your requirements

Mesh size: 10mm – 500mm

Depth: As customer’s request

Length: As customer’s request


Suitable for freshwater interception, cage culture, marine trawls, light fences, deep water windbreak cages, sports nets, etc.

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