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Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine

Roll Forming Machine

1. Roll Forming Machine Descriptions

    HI-SEA Marine has always offered great value in its line of machinery, and this roll forming machine is no exception. It is the perfect plate roll for small and medium rolling applications. This roll forming machine has a useful width of 5' and has a capacity of 14 gauge mild steel sheet metal.
    The roll forming machine has a 2 HP 220 volt single phase motor that transfers power directly to the driven rolls. A second hydraulic motor controls the movement of the back roll. The operator controls all movements on the device via a remote pedestal. This control pedestal has foot pedal controls, and houses the buttons for advancing or retracting the back roll position. Back roll position can be monitored on the digital readout that is position at the head of the machine so no matter where you are operating this machine, the operator has a good line of sight to it.

2. Roll Forming Machine Technical Data

    The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Forming Width  60"
Roll Speed  6 rpm.
Upper Roll Dia.  3.50"
Roll Adjustment Back  Hydraulic
Minimum Forming Dia  5.25"
Motor  2 hp
Wire Grooves  Yes
Capacity (Mild Steel)  14 ga. (.075")
Power  220V / 1-phase
3. Workshop of Roll Forming Machine



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