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Marine Shackle

Marine Shackle

Marine Shackle

ApplicationMarine shackles are different in the shapes, sizes. Each has its special functions and joining form. For example, Kenter shackles are used to connect the stud links of anchor chain; while joining shackles are used to connect the studless links.Marine shackles are produced through forging, heat treatment and machining. With grades U1,U2,U3,R2,R3,R4,Shackles are made according to the international standard and the standard of Classification Societies.Through the past years, we built up good business relationships with our customers all over the world. Our technical staff can make any products according to customer's drawing or sample. Sometimes we can give some suggestions to help our customer to improve the design and make the products work better. We can also provide u other types of marine shackles and other anchor chain accessories.For more information, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail or giving us a phone call.

Product List:

Joining Shackle

End Shackle

Kenter Shackle

Anchor Swivel Shackle(A&B)

Forelock Shackle

Pear Shaped Shackle

Slim Kenter Shackle

Pear Shaped Link

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Marine Shackle

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