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Wheel Rubber Fender

Wheel Rubber Fender
Wheel Rubber Fender is widely mounted on the exposed corners of marine circumstance, so as to help the vessel manoeuvre into the berths or narrow channels such as dry-dock entrances and walls.
The wheels are supported by special frame while mounted on the fixed axle. Adjusting the initial pressure can be changed the wheel’s performance. In order to make all moving parts to easy access, the heavy duty steel supporting frame is play an important role.
In front of the two rollers, there has a sliding axle to absorb the maximum possible energy when compress the wheel into the casing. Meantime the stainless steel and composite are low maintenance service life.

Key Attributes of Wheel Rubber Fender
. Very low rolling resistance
. High energy absorption
. Gentle contact face
. Use singly or in multiple stacks
. Low maintenance casing design
. Stainless steel and composite bearings
. Copes easily with lateral or grazing loading when the vessel move parallel to the wharf

Drawing of Wheel Rubber Fender

Dimension & Specifications

Type A (mm) B (mm) Max. Deform (mm)
1200×400 1200 400 431
1500×500 1500 500 541
1800×600 1800 600 650
2100×700 2100 700 762
2400×800 2400 800 851
2700×900 2700 900 964
3000×1000 3000 1000 1074

Lock approaches

Dry-dock entrances and walls
Narrow entries, exits, & corners

Picture of Wheel Rubber Fender

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