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W Type Rubber Fender

W Type Rubber Fender
   W Type Rubber Fender is an improvisation of the Arch and Flat Top Arch Fender. There are two types of this fender, two leg W rubber fender and three leg W rubber fender. As these fender has wider face, compare with both Arch Rubber Fenders, the hull pressure is relatively low and have more deflection and better energy / reaction ratio.

   It’s suitable for application on bow and stern of tugs, work boats and icebreakers. With two flexible legs, it's easy to install the W fender with a large or small radius by means of guide rods.

Characteristics of W Rubber Fender:

. Simple one-piece design

. Excellent shear performance

. Easy to install

. Maintenance free

Drawing and Parameters of W Type Rubber Fender:

Specification Data Table:

specification B B1 H L
W300H 300 426 300 300-2000
W330H 400 420 330 300-2000
W450H 500 420 450 300-2000
Drawing and Parameters of W Type Rubber Fender:

Specifications Data Table:

specification B B1 H L
W300H 600 546 300 300-2000
W400H 600 550 400 300-2000

Typical Applications:
. Barge and Tug berths
. All types of berths, jetty structures

Pictures of W Type Rubber Fender:

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