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FRP Insulation Pipe

FRP Insulation Pipe

Product Characteristic:

The inner steel pipe is made of silicone high temperature resistant paint (temperature resistant 400 °C) anti-corrosion coating, which effectively prevents the corrosion of the working steel pipe and prolongs the service life. The pipe port is sealed with polyethylene film or three-layer PE cold tape to prevent moisture from entering before entering the building or entering the water during construction. Below 350 ° C, centrifugal glass wool is a thermal insulation material, light weight, stable geometry, multi-layer staggered wrap, effectively reducing heat loss, while controlling the surface of the jacket to prevent the occurrence of cold bridge, thus making the jacket anti-corrosion The temperature control of the layer is guaranteed. It has the property of fully recovering physical properties and geometry after water drying. This feature enables the pipeline to adapt to the construction conditions of high water table areas, bringing great convenience to construction and reducing construction costs.

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