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FRP Water Pipe

FRP Water Pipe

The Scope of Application:

  • Chemical medium conveying pipe
  • Various types of process tubes (chemical process, papermaking process, sewage treatment process, seawater desalination process, food and beverage processing technology, medical technology, etc.)
  • Pressure water pipes for small hydropower stations on the ground, circulating water pipes for power plants
  • sewage collection and transportation pipeline
  • Drinking water delivery trunk pipe and water distribution pipe
  • Oilfield water injection pipe and crude oil transportation pipe
  • Thermal energy transmission pipe, seawater transportation pipe
  • Agricultural irrigation pipe
  • Vacuum tube, external pressure tube and siphon tube

Product Characteristic:

  • FRP Water Pipe is resistant to chemical corrosion and has a long service life. It is suitable for transporting various acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents.
  • FRP Water Pipe has excellent hydraulic characteristics, and the hydraulic characteristics are one of the important characteristics of the glass steel pipe. Excellent hydraulic characteristics means that the fluid head loss is small, and a smaller diameter or lower power delivery pump can be used, thereby reducing initial investment in pipeline engineering, saving energy, and reducing operating costs. The inner surface of FRP is quite smooth. Generally, the surface roughness can be taken as 0.008. It can be considered as a "hydraulic smooth tube". During operation, the inner surface of steel pipes, cast iron pipes, cement pipes, etc. often undergo local corrosion and become more and more Rough, while FRP always keeps the surface of the new tube smooth.
  • FRP Water Pipe installation, maintenance costs are low, in general, FRP Water Pipe does not need special anti-corrosion treatment

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