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FRP Pressure Pipe

FRP Pressure Pipe

The Scope of Application:

Brine or fresh water transfer pipeline;

Sewage treatment and transportation pipeline;

Fire hoses;

Crude oil and natural gas pipelines;

Petrochemical process line;

Pipes for tank connection pipes and other liquid treatment systems;

Single open oil collection pipeline;

Water mixing pipelines;

Seawater desalination unit components.

Product Characteristic:

High pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life;

Light weight, easy to install and transport;

The screw-spun joint has good sealing performance;

Good friction coefficient, no scaling, excellent hydraulic characteristics.

Product detail:

Diameter range: 38MM-200MM (1.5′′-8′′)

Working pressure range: 3.5MPa-25MPa

Maximum operating temperature: 100 ° C

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