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Sand Blasters Industry

Sand Blasters Industry

Sand Blasters Industry

1. Sand Blasters Industry Preface

    We are specializing in sand blasters many years, you can find various of high quality sand blasters.
    Our main products are H beam sand blaster, steel pipe sand blaster, steel structure sand blaster, hanger type sand blaster, hanger pass through blaster, rotary table sand blaster, rubber belt sand blaster, and sand blast room, etc.
    Here, if you are interested in our sand blasters, could you please tell me the follow messages:
    (1) What kind of workpiece will you clean?
    (2) The size of it, length, width and height of maximum workpiece? Length, width and height of minimum workpiece?
    (3) How heavy is each workpiece? Especially the weight of maximum workpiece?
    (4) How many tons will you clean for each month or each day?
    After get confirmation from you, our engineer will make the detailed technical parameters for your reference, if you have any requirements, please contact with us.
2. Sand Blasters Principle

    Putting some workpieces in the cleaning-room, after the machine start, the workpieces are overturned by the moving pedrail, meanwhile, the pills, be shot off rapidly, shapes pill-lines, and hits on surface of the workpiece equably, and to clean them. The pills and sand shot off flow into the bottom-sifter through some lacunule on the pedrail, then it is transported into elevator by screw router, finally, the elevator transports it into separator and separate. The dust, comes from cleaning-room and separator, is sponged in the dust catcher, and fresh air is let into the air. The dust klings on the hop-pocket is fetch dawn into the collecting-dust box at the bottom of the dust catcher, for vibration of mechanism, so user may clean it out termly. The useless sand flows out through the waste pipe, and user may reuse it. The mixture of pill and sand is taken back into the chamber, and may reuse after being separated by separator. The clean pills flow into the pill-caster to hit workpieces through the electromagnetic flash-lock.
    The shot blast cabin and the arrangement of the shot blast unit are designed by computer 3D dynamic simulation. Let the abrasive shoted out coverage of workpiece surface covered accurately, and the abrasive from different direction shot to different surface of the work piece, and reduce the abrasion with shade plate.

3. Sand Blasters Industry Details

Steel Plate Blaster

Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

H Shaped Shot Peening Equipment

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