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Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot Blasting Equipment

1. Shot Blasting Equipment Preface

    Shot-blasting equipment is applied to steel structure welding workpiece. It can put strong shot blasting on the steel surface in reset condition, clearing away the rusty spot, rusty scale, welding slag and scale on it and gaining metal gloss surface in a certain degree of finish and uniform, in order to remove stress and improve surface lacquer quality and rot proofness of steel structure and steel.
     This machine is mainly composed of cleaning room, roller conveyor, and impeller head, conveying system, longitudinal screw conveyer, hoister, feed screw conveyer, separator, shot-supply organization, duster, pneumatic system and electrical control system.

2. Shot Blasting Equipment Technical data

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Size of workpiece
W*H                                     ≤2200*2500mm
Length                                     15000mm
Quality requirement                              Sa2.5, Ra15-50
Impeller head
Model of impeller head                             Q034II
Shot blasting speed:                                65-70m/s
Power of shot-blasting machine:                      18.5KW
Quantity of impeller head:                           12pcs
Work piece conveying system
Conveying speed                                   0.5-5m/min
Driving power                                     3*5.5kw
Shot conveying system
Capacity of shot conveying                           180T/h
Longitudinal screw conveyor
Driving power                                     7.5KW
Power of bucket hoister
Driving power                                     11KW
Hoisting capacity                                   180T/h
Model of dusting system:                            LMF-Ⅱ
Handling volume of dusting system                    24000m3/h
Centrifugal ventilator Model                        9-26-5.6A
Centrifugal ventilator air volume                    7185m3/h
Centrifugal ventilator wind pressure                  7400 Pa
Centrifugal ventilator power                        22KW
Overall power:                                    ≈287Kw
3. Shot Blasting Equipment Components

    Cleaning room assembly: main cleaning room, sub cleaning room, rubber curtain, guard plate for shot-blasting room, impeller head.
     Roller converter: outdoor roller conveyer, indoor roller conveyer, chain, chain wheel.
     Screw conveying system: longitudinal screw conveying system, feed screw conveying system, hoister, separator, shot supply valve.
     Dust palletizing system: dust pipe, duster, fan, wind pipe, chimney and reverse blowing clean device.
     Electric controlling assembly: electric controlling box.
4. Shot Blasting Equipment Balls

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