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Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

1. Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer Preface

    We are specializing in H-beam shot blasting machine, pipe sand blasting equpment, hook shot blasting device, steel plate sand peening machine, blast equipment and room, pretreatment system, and sprayer & coating line, etc.
     Standard and non-standard sand blast/shot blast equipment include pressure feed type and suction feed type, which is used to remove rust and oxide skin, de-burr, flake old paint, remove corrosion, spray paint, electroplate, cleanout about pretreatment before jointing, shot blast to strengthen, ossify, shape up. We design and manufacture various kinds of pressure feed type sand blast machine, sand blast cabinet,blast room, CNC automatic numerical control shot blast equipment to satisfy your requirements of production and process.

2. Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer Working Process

    There is a recycle system on the bottom of the shot blasting machine, the balls will be landing in the system after they hit the steel products. And there is a conveyer belt from bottom to top of the machine. Surely, the conveyer belt usually with many drawers, the balls will be full filled in the drawer, then be delivery to the top for use again.
     On the top of the machine, there is a meshy equipment, the recycled balls with powder which from the conveyer belt will be fill in the equipment. The powder will be filtrate out the equipment to another place, just the balls left in it for use again. Surely, the powder need to be clean by people after some time.
3. Workshop of Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer

4. Shot Blasting Machine Spare Parts

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