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Pressure Measuring Instruments

Pressure Measuring Instruments


Pressure measuring instruments are devices used to measure and quantify the pressure exerted by a fluid or a gas in a given system or environment. They play a crucial role in various industries, including manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, and research, where precise pressure measurements are required for optimal performance, safety, and control.

These instruments are designed to convert the mechanical force resulting from pressure into an electrical signal or a readable output that can be easily interpreted by humans or other control systems. They are commonly used to monitor and control pressure levels in different applications, such as industrial processes, HVAC systems, hydraulic systems, pipelines, and pneumatic systems.

Measuring Range:


Measuring range (MPa)

Gauge type

-0.10.1-0.1000.1000.1600.25 till 060

Abs. type

00.1000.1600.2500.4000.60 till 060

Seal type



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