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Explosion Proof Type Pressure Transmitter

Explosion Proof Type Pressure Transmitter


YSZK type electric pressure sensor consists of diffuse silicon pressure inductor and signal transform circuit, which have the characteristics of high measuring precision, dependable stability, small cubage, convinent installation. It is to measure pressure of kinds of medium of liquids, gas in ship and other industrial equipment.

Model Sign:

E- Intrindic safety type

B- Explosion proof housing type

C- Marine

G- Gauge type

A- Abs. type

S- Seal type

01- Priduct No.

YSZK- Electric pressure sensor

Technical Parameters:

Power source: 24V±10% DC

Measuring accuracy: ±0.5% FS

Working Temp. : -20~+80℃

Output: DC 4~20mA (two wires)

Production: IP66

Over load: 15% above max. range

Press connection size: M20×1.5, G1/4", G1/2"

Explosion proof: Ⅱ CT3~6

Measuring Range:


Measuring range (MPa)

Gauge type

-0.10.1-0.1000.1000.1600.25 till 060

Abs. type

00.1000.1600.2500.4000.60 till 060

Seal type



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