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Portable Daylight Signal Light

Portable Daylight Signal Light

The scope of application:

Applied to daylight signal communication between the ships.

Product Characteristic:

Light, convenient to operate and bring. With good quality cast aluminum shell and mechanical flash device.

Production authentication:

Approved by CCS (China Classification Society).

Conform to MS.C.95(72)DECISION and JISF8456-1996

Product detail:

Voltage/Power: 24V/60W

Light Intensity: 60,000cd

Light Pillar Angle: 6°

Telescope Magnification: 4

Telescope Visual Angle: 3°

Visibility: 2n.m

Lamp Holder: G6.35

Plug: Four pin 25M-4A

Protection class: IP44

Weight: 2.6kg

Charger CXD8-CDX

Input: AC110V/60Hz, AC220V/50Hz/60Hz

Output:AC24V, AC12V


Socket: Four pin 25M-4B Three pin 25M-3B

Protection class: IP20

Weight: 3.6kg

Accumulator CXD8-XDX

Capacity: 7Ah

Charge voltage: 27.8V/13.9V

Discharge stop voltage: 24V/12V


Socket: four pin 25M-4B

Protection class: IP20

Weight: 4.0kg

Drawing of Portable Daylight Signal Light:

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