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Other Dredge Component

Other Dredge Component


We can offer dredge cutter head, dredge drag head, dredge swivel bend, dredge cardanic joint, dredge single joint, dredge pump...

From the design stage to dispatch, our internal quality assurance systems fully comply with marine class standard. In addition, third- party surveyors will check the process of  design and fabricating to ensure the marine winch complies with all relevant specifications.

OEM is one of our main business, we can design and manufature the dredge equipment and components according to your requirements. We  are improving by adopting new technologies and introducing talents. Our mission is supply the best& cost-effective dredge equipment and best service within shortest delivery time.

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1. High quality, high cost-effective

2. Excellent performance, working steadily

3. Easy assembly and dis-assembly

4. Low maintenance required

5. Corrosion resistance, long lifespan

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