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Dredge Drag head

Dredge Drag head

Dredge Drag head

Dredge drag head is used by a trailing hopper suction dredger to collect sand from sea floor.

The dredge drag head is a steel structure that is connected to the dredger by a suction pipe, supported by the gantries and by using hydraulic winches. The dredge drag head and suction pipe are let down on the sea bottom in order to suck a mixture of water and sand.

The cut the sea bed, the dredge drag head is equipped with replaceable teeth and water jet nozzles. The nozzles are placed at the front of the dredge drag head and used to cut the sand at the sea bed vertically, while the replaceable teeth are placed at the back to cut horizontally.

Dredge Drag Heads Features
1.Easy to maintenance.
2.Suction pipe diameter of 400-1300 mm.
3.Efficient hydraulic design.
4.Replaceable wear blocks and side skirts.
5.Replaceable teeth system.

Dredge Drag Head Type
1.Universal drag heads.
2.California drag heads.
3.Active drag heads.

Technical Specifications
Suction pipe dia. Body length(mm) Active cover length(mm) Body breadth(mm) Active cover breadth(mm)
550 1300 1000 1600 1340
600 1560 1190 1850 1560
650 1900 1240 2650 2250
700 1935 1255 2700 2600
750 1950 1300 2810 2700
800 2000 1550 2940 2750
900 2350 1650 3200 2850
1000 2850 1760 3700 3250
1200 3300 1850 4240 3700

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Dredge Drag head

Dredge Drag head

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