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Mono-filament Fishing Net

Mono-filament Fishing Net

Mono-filament fishing net is made of a high strength stand nylon material. Mono-filament fishing net is generally used by professional fisherman. Although this kind of net is stiffer than multi-filament nylon net, and it’s more difficult to repair, many fisherman are prefer to use it because it is almost invisible to fish. Mono-filament nets are UV treated and good wear resistant, and can supply a variety of thickness, mesh sizes and colors.

Specifications for Mono-filament Fishing Net

Type of net: knotted net

Material: high strength nylon mono-filament

Process: UV treatment and heat setting

Diameter: 0.10 mm – 1.5 mm

Mesh size: 8 mm – 200 mm

Depth: 10—800 md

Length: as customer’s request

Colors: White, green, blue or other colors as your requirements.

Applications for Mono-filament Fishing Net

Suitable for fishing and farming in the oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, and other waters.

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