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Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

1. Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine Description

    HI-SEA Marine has long been a leading supplier of metal fabricating machines as well as metal cutting machinery and one of the machines that go us started was the hydraulic metal shearing machine. This high quality shear has a maximum capacity of 10 gauge mild steel at its full 52” cutting width. The best part about this machine is that is operates on 220 volt single phase power, making it perfect for just about any shop.
    The hydraulic metal shearing machine has a fully welded rigid frame allowing it to shear metal at full capacity and produces no deflection in the frame or shearing areas, meaning perfect shears every time. It also comes standard with high carbon chromium blades that can be flipped and resharpeded periodically saving the fabricator a lot of money over the life of the machine.
    With a simple design that allows for ease of operation, the operator has the controls to jog the upper carriage, produce one cut with one foot pedal push, or remain in an auto mode by holding the foot pedal down. Hold downs clamp the material to the in feed table so the material doesn't lift when being sheared.
    An adjustable back gauge, front table gauges and front arm extensions are also standard on it.

2. Features of Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine

    (1) The main machine adopts the structure of series QC12Y hydraulic swing.
    (2) Nc system chooses famous at home and abroad special plate shears CNC system.
    (3) The motor of backgauge can be equipped with importing AC servo motor.
    (4) The drive element of backgauge adopts importing ball screw and linear guideway.
    (5) According to the needs of user matching CNC system.
3. Hydraulic Metal Shearing Machine Technical Parameters

    The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Back Gauge Length     24"
Shear Length     52"
Motor     5 hp
Thickness (SS)     10 ga. (13 ga.)
Strokes Per Minute     28
Front Gauge Length     24"
Blade Angle     1°
Power     220V Single Phase
Shipping Weight     3,000 lbs.
Minimum Material Thickness     24ga
Shipping Dimensions     75" x 36" x 53"

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