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High Quality Incinerator

High Quality Incinerator

High Quality Incinerator

1. High Quality Incinerator General Description
    When we are planning the program of the high quality incinerator, we have followed those rules: meet the requirement of IMO, working stable and without alarm, burning more sludge and save fuel oil. During start up, some conditions will cause flame fail, such as:
    The unit is start with a hot chamber, the temperature of the combustion chamber will reach 970 degree even with a very low sludge dosing, if the fuel oil is shut off, it is possible to cause a flame alarm.
    The unit can be switch over between "sludge mode"/"solid mode"/sludge and solid mode" without restart. There maybe is a hot chamber and very low sludge dosing level, if shut off the fuel directly, maybe cause a flame alarm.
    The suitable start dosing level of the sludge is difficult to setting to meet all condition. Because the water content of the sludge is unknown, if it is setting too higher, will cause black smoke; if it is setting too lower, will cause flame fail. We hope the unit can be running with any water content, and without flame fail.

2. PLC Program of High Quality Incinerator
    The PLC program is intended for perform function of solid/sludge incinerator under pre-set parameter and requirement. The PLC program mainly as follow:
 Stand-by for follow function available: manual start/stop sludge oil circulation pump, refers to "operation page" in regard to description of the circulation pump. Manual start/stop the sludge oil heater, refers to "operation page" in regard to description of "sludge oil heater". Open the incinerator door for solid loading. The incinerator will perform automatic cooling if the combustion chamber temperature exceeding the setting of open door in default, refer to data page 2 in regard to description of automatic cooling down. Start-up the incinerator in mode of "solid", "sludge oil", "solid + sludge". Open the incinerator door, slag.
    Solid mode description, mainly as follow: Pre-purging. Ignition . Solid incinerating. Post-purging and cooling.
    Sludge mode description, mainly as follow: Sludge oil heating, pre-purging, ignition, combustion chamber heating, sludge oil incinerating, post-purging and cooling.
 Solid + sludge mode, the incinerator perform the program of solid mode at first. If solid heat is insufficient, then turn to sludge mode, mainly as follow:
 Sludge heating, pre-purging, ignition, solid burning, sludge burning, post-purging and cooling. Slag of incinerator, closing of the flue gas damper, start the flue gas fan after (No39s)
delay in order to remove ashes. Vacuum adjustment, adjusting of combustion vacuum through the flue gas damper control as program. Stop the flue gas damper action if vacuum deviation is less than

3. High Quality Incinerator Technical Parameters

    The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Model FLT16
Max. Heat Capacity 40x10^4kcal/hr (465Kw)
Handing Capacity Solid Waste ≤40Kgs/hr
Sump Oil ≤44L/hr
Sump Oil + Solid Waste Sump Oil ≤38L/hr
Solid Waste ≤22Kgs/hr
Combustion Chamber Temperature Max. Temperature 1100℃
Operating Temperature 850-1100℃
Flue Gas Temperature Max. Temperature 350℃
Operating Temperature 250-350℃
Surface Temperature Not higher 20℃ than environment temperature and the highest temperature is no more than 60℃
Combustion Chamber Negative Pressure 5-35mmWC
Fuel Consumption 13-38L/hr
Contour Dimenstion 1890x1700x1960mm (LxBxH)
Power Consumption 15Kw
Total Weight 3300Kgs
Power Supply 380V/50HZ/3p, 440V/60HZ/3p, etc.

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