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Four-blade Propeller

Four-blade Propeller

Four-blade Propeller

Four-blade propellers are commonly used in marine vessels, particularly in medium to large-sized vessels such as commercial ships, naval vessels, and passenger ferries. They are also used in some pleasure craft, particularly those that require high levels of maneuverability or have high power requirements. The advantages of four-blade propellers include increased efficiency, improved maneuverability, and reduced vibration and noise compared to propellers with fewer blades. They also provide more surface area for thrust generation, which can be beneficial in certain operating conditions such as when the vessel is heavily loaded or operating at lower speeds.

1.Highest propulsive efficiency in all operating conditions.
2.Lowest pressure pulse fluctuations on the hull to minimize noise and vibration levels on board.
3.Specific products can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Technical Parameter

Type Diameter Range(mm) Blades Material Rotate direction
Fixed Pitch Propeller or Controllable Pitch Propeller 500-6000 4 Copper, Copper alloy Clockwise or anti-clockwise

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