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Fixed Pitch Propeller

Fixed Pitch Propeller

Fixed Pitch Propeller

A fixed pitch propeller is a type of propulsion system used in marine vessels, aircraft, and other applications. It consists of a propeller with blades that have a fixed angle of attack or pitch, which is determined by the geometry of the blade and cannot be adjusted during operation. Fixed pitch propellers are a simple and reliable propulsion system that provides efficient propulsion in smaller vessels and aircraft. They are cost-effective and require less maintenance compared to other propulsion systems. However, they have limitations in terms of efficiency and flexibility, making them less suitable for larger vessels or applications where high levels of performance and redundancy are necessary.

1.High propulsion efficiency and excellent hydrodynamic performance.
2.Simple structure and Good corrosion resistance.
3.The product is designed as per client's request.

Technical Parameter

Diameter Range(mm) Blades Material Rotate direction
500-6000 3,4,5,etc Copper, Copper alloy Clockwise or anti-clockwise

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