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Controllable Pitch Propeller

Controllable Pitch Propeller

Controllable Pitch Propeller

The controllable pitch propeller rotates the blade through the internal mechanism of the propeller hub to change the angle between the propeller and the propeller hub.In this way,the pitch can be adjusted to suit various working conditions.And the propeller is suitable for tugboats,fishing boats,dredging ships and ice-breaking ships with large load changes.

1.Simplify the structure of the main engine and even the entire power device.
2.Improve the operation performance and mobility of a ship,conducive to driving automation.
3.Different designs for different customers.


Diameter Range(mm) Blades Material Rotate direction
500-6000 3,4,5,etc Copper, Copper alloy Clockwise or anti-clockwise
The products approved by CCS,DNV-GL,BV,ABS,NK,etc.

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