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Five-blade Propeller

Five-blade Propeller

Five-blade Propeller

Five-blade propellers are less common than three-blade and four-blade propellers, but they are still used in a variety of marine vessels. They are typically used in vessels where high levels of maneuverability and efficiency are required, such as naval vessels, high-speed ferries, and some pleasure craft. Overall, five-blade propellers are a specialized propulsion system that provides high levels of performance and efficiency for specific types of marine vessels. They are commonly used in vessels where maneuverability, efficiency, and performance are critical, and can provide a good balance of these factors when properly selected and maintained.

1.Superior strength,less noise and vibration.
2.Easy installation and periodical inspection.
3.The product can be designed according to the needs of customers.


Type Diameter Range(mm) Blades Material Rotate direction
Fixed Pitch Propeller or Controllable Pitch Propeller 500-6000 5 Copper, Copper alloy Clockwise or anti-clockwise

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