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Dredge Spud Clamp

Dredge Spud Clamp

Dredge Spud Clamp

A dredge spud clamp is a type of device used in dredging operations to secure the dredge spuds in place. Dredge spuds are long, vertical poles or beams that are used to anchor the dredging vessel in place during the dredging process. The spuds are typically lowered into the water and pushed into the bottom sediment to hold the vessel steady.

A dredge spud clamp is used to secure the spud in place once it has been lowered into the sediment. The clamp is typically made of steel and consists of two plates that are bolted together around the spud. The plates are designed to grip the spud tightly and prevent it from slipping or moving during the dredging process.

The use of dredge spud clamps is essential for the safe and effective operation of a dredging vessel. Without a properly secured spud, the vessel can drift or move during the dredging process, potentially causing damage to the equipment or the surrounding environment.

1.Good fixation and corrosion resistance.
2.Easy to install and maintain.
3.Products can be customized.

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