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DWT Series Roof Fan

DWT Series Roof Fan


DWT series low noise roof ventilators have the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, stable operation, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof. They are widely used in power generation, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy and other industries and high-grade civil buildings. Wind and exhaust. According to different use environments and conveying media, the hood and the air cylinder can be made of steel plate or glass fiber reinforced plastic, and the impeller can be made of aluminum alloy, steel plate, glass steel, engineering plastics and the like.



Impeller Dia.

Transmission form



Φ300-Φ2400 mm

Φ≤2200 mmMotor direct drive;

Φ≥2200 mmBelt drive or reducer drive;

According to user’s requirements

Exhaust and supply air in medium and low pressure, large flow occasions


Φ300-Φ1000 mm

Exhaust and air supply for higher pressure requirements


Φ280-Φ800 mm

Special occasions for discharging special gases, such as oil drains for kitchen exhaust, can be added to the oil by means of its wine-shaped shell and centrifugal impeller drive, axial airflow in and out.



Motorless roof turbine exhaust fan, no electricity, no noise, small size, light weight, high exhaust efficiency, easy installation, widely used in commercial buildings and factories and mines (more suitable for light steel structure roof).

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