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DWT Series Motorless Turbine Roof Fan

DWT Series Motorless Turbine Roof Fan


The DWT series motorless turbine roof fan adopts high-quality lubricated bearing system to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of the fan under all natural conditions. The unique variable angle pipe diameter can support the uniform construction operation of the single model on the frequency angle roof. Really quick and easy to install.


1. The turbine exhaust fan only needs a breeze with a wind speed of 0.2 meters. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is more than 0.5 °C. It can be used for light and effective rotation without interruption.

2. Using the centrifugal force of the turbine exhaust fan, the air pressure generated by the airflow can repel the rain.

3. The specially designed water guide vane of the blade can be rained down the river and will not seep water, achieving 100% waterproof effect.

4. No noise, stable and reliable operation.

5. It is made of all stainless steel materials, with good anti-corrosion performance and long service life.

6. The product is suitable for use in various workshops, workshops and public places, and the turbine axis can be adjusted to a vertical position on a sloping roof surface not exceeding 31.5 °C.


In order to achieve the highest efficiency of the turbine, the installation location must be at the height of the roof, avoiding the place where the cargo may be blocked by tall buildings and trees in the vicinity after the retaining wall.

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