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FRP Oblique Flow Fan

FRP Oblique Flow Fan


The FRP Oblique Flow Fan is a drum-shaped structure, and its small inlet and outlet features accelerate the airflow speed and high excitation coefficient. In the same model as the general axial flow fan, the flow rate and pressure are greater than those of the axial flow fan. This series of fans replaces low-pressure fans, energy-saving investment and land occupation, simplified design, and safe installation. The use of a diagonal flow duct fan is the best choice for ducted ventilation where the axial fan can not be used.


This series of fans can transport corrosive gases containing acid and alkali components and chemical components. The gas to be transported is not allowed to contain viscous substances, dust and hard particles 150 mg/m3, gas temperature 60°C, relative humidity s 100%. The series of fans have high strength, light weight, not easy to aging, good corrosion resistance. Low noise and smooth operation. It is an ideal general-purpose anti-corrosion fan. This series of fans is widely used in chemical, electroplating, oxidation, power plants, laboratories, circuit boards, environmental protection equipment and other places containing corrosive gases.

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