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DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank

DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank

1. DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank Application
This series calorifier tank is suitable for heating fresh water on the ship or platform, heated fresh water for crew use.

2. DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank Technical Datas

Model:  DRG-0.5
Capacity(m3):  0.5
Working pressure (MPa):  0.4(60℃)
Design pressure(MPa):   0.44
Test pressure(MPa):   0.66
Safety valve open pressure(MPa):   0.42
Water inlet temperature(℃): 15
Water outlet temperature (℃):   65
Working temperature(℃):   0~65
Design temperature(℃):   80
Heated water capacity(kg/h):   720
Electrical heating power(kW):   48
The thickness of the external thermal layer(mm): 40
The thickness of outer galvanized sheet steel(mm):   0.7
Electricity AC380、50Hz、3φ/AC440V、60Hz、3φ

3. DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank Care and maintenance
(1) The WTZK-50-C marine pressure type temperature controller should be installed on instrument panel vertically. It is strictly forbidden to stir with hands or tools. The Temperature detection layer should be immersed in water completely. Don’t impact and compress the capillary. The bending radius can't be shorter than 50mm. It is needed to fix the capillary with clip every 300mm to ensure the safety.
(2) During the using of electric heater, if there is scale or carbon deposition on pipe, it is needed to use after cleaning so as to avoid affecting the service life and efficiency of electric element. If it is without of using for a long time, When the cold insulation resistance is lower than 1MΩ, it can be cured in the oven of 200℃ until returning to normal.
(3) Remove and clean the water tank regularly. After cleaning and brushing the inner wall, determine whether repaint according to flaking condition of painting. Repaint the out surface with anti-corrosive paint, meanwhile, replace wearing parts. After the spare parts are dry, reassemble it.

4. DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank General Drawing

5. All kinds class certificate of DRG-0.5 Calorifier Tank can be supply.

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