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Automatic Press Brake Machine

Automatic Press Brake Machine

Automatic Press Brake Machine

1. Automatic Press Brake Machine Description

    Our automatic press brake machine will increase your production cost efficiency and therefore increase your competitive forces, it often referred to as electric hydraulic press brakes due to their technologically advanced electrically powered servo motors. Our automatic press brake machine is super fast during the pressing cycle resulting in more cycle times per minute allowing you to keep costs low and be as efficient as possible with more bent parts every day.
2. Advantages of Automatic Press Brake Machine

    Since these automatic press brake machines are completely servo driven the power consumption of these advanced press brakes is something on the order of less than 40% power consumption of a conventional press brake of equal size. Due to the "on time hydraulics" concept these brakes utilize in that the hydraulics turn on and off and run only while needed, many benefits arise from this operational method. Less hydraulic oil is required for these brakes minimizing maintenance costs, the oil stays at a much cooler temperature throughout the use cycle, extending the oil’s life and helping to maintain piece part integrity and angular accuracy. Because of the servo drives, the movement of the brakes is considerably faster in all directions when compared to conventional brakes, the result of that is increased productivity while maintaining + - .0004 accuracy and repeat-ability in all directions. If your parts are really long, ask us about tandem, trio, or even quad configurations of our servo machines as we do them all the time.

3. Customization of Automatic Press Brake Machine

    This options list could be almost endless, we will just list the major ones here, if you don’t see something you want, just ask us we probably have it. Since safety is of the utmost priority, at the top of our list of options is the laser safety system, considered to be the best you can get for a press brake. Light curtain Sick C 4000 for combination machines. Additional axis up to 14. Extended travel back gauge to 39 inches with safety light curtain. Sheet follower with motorized height adjustment. Quick release clamping, Hydraulic clamping, Wila or Wilson mechanical or hydraulic clamping, tooling options from the "who’s who" of press brake tooling. Bottom tool positioning systems, thickness measurement systems, offline software for V-Bend or Profile-W.

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