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Press Brake Manufacturer

Press Brake Manufacturer

1. Press Brake Manufacturer Summary
HI-SEA Marine is proud to be renowned in the fabrication industry as a source for press brakes, due to our extensive press brake bending expertise. Along with our extensive bending knowledge we offer the most complete lineup of the highest quality press brakes for sale in the market today. Choose from our well rounded selection of hydraulic press brakes with multiple CNC controlled axis, to our eco-friendly servo hydraulic brakes or our fully electric press brakes. Large to small brakes and everything in between. We also carry an extensive inventory of press brake tooling, along with time saving integrated robotic systems.
Our knowledgeable sales engineers and product specialists will help you in choosing the perfect solution to any bending challenge you may have.
2. Advantages of Press Brake Manufacturer
Our press brakes benefit your bottom line with higher quality parts, faster cycle times, lower operating and maintenance costs. Whether your application requires bending simple shapes or complex parts, we have a press brake to match your needs and your budget. HI-SEA Marine’s  press brakes are designed for reliability, repeat-ability, precision, performance and ease-of-operation.
We offer several series of press brakes with features and options tailored to different manufacturing environments. Each series offers a range of lengths and tonnages. HI-SEA Marine can also custom design and manufacture a press brake to your exact needs.
All our brakes are designed for high performance. Five key design features will increase your productivity and decrease your per part cost. Design innovations based on our years of experience have resulted in faster and more accurate speeds on the ram approach, bending, return and back gauge positions.
These five innovations are:
(1) Rigid mono-block frame of mill certified high-yield steel for minimum deflection under load resulting in more consistant performance.
(2) Synchronized dual cylinders and valves assure smooth, stable ram motion for high-quality precision ram positioning accurate to within 0.0004 inch.
(3) Deeper throat dimensions allow you to form more parts, the full length of the machine.
(4) Large daylight opening gives you versatility to handle larger range of parts.
(5) Extra stroke length also gives you more versatility.

3. Crowning System of Press Brake Manufacturer
Manual and CNC crowning ensures a constant bend angle across the full length of the machine. This is achieved by pre loading the machine, to offset any possible deflection under load or compensate for any tool wear, so that under load contacting surfaces are parallel to each other.
With CNC crowning systems the press brake control is preprogrammed with machine characteristics and deflection data. With manual crowning a simple spread sheet or chart can be easily developed for each application.

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