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Vertical Press Brake

Vertical Press Brake

Vertical Press Brake

1. Vertical Press Brake Description

(1) Powerful, easy to learn hydraulic system

    Runs in 3 modes: jog mode for setup, manual mode for more control over descent and return, and automatic mode for full production. 2 encoder-controlled hydraulic cylinders move the top beam. Digital readout displays the position of the downward stroke, so you can fine-tune a bend and make it right every time. It takes a just few seconds to change the top beam pressure and the top position of the stroke (for more or less travel). You can set a timer for bend delay to hold the beam down at the bottom of the stroke, so the bend keeps its shape. 2 hand wheels let you adjust the position of the beam and back gauge for consistency across the entire width of the beam. Foot pedal brings the stroke up and down, leaving your hands free to position the material.
    Motorized back gauge rides on a solid ball screw trolley mechanism. Parallel mechanism on the beam synchronizes the top and bottom die to deliver better quality bends across the entire width of the machine. You can train your staff to use this press brake in 5 minutes.

(2) Rigid structure and low maintenance

    Heavy electrowelded frame, made of solid plate steel, keeps this press brake accurate and running smoothly in production for many years. Robust 2,640-pound construction supports the hydraulic pressure, so the machine won’t buckle at full capacity. Upper beam rides on a hardened, stabilizing track, coupled together by 3 axes of bearings, to ensure high accuracy between both dies at any position of the stroke. Accepts standard press brake tooling, giving you a wide variety of options.
    Comes with front material rests (or support arms), which some competing machines do not include. 6-light safety curtain helps protect you from injury. This guard stops the machine from running if your hand passes through the light beam. 4 grease zerks let you add oil every few months. Large hydraulic reservoir on the back allows for convenient fluid changes every 6 to 8 months.
2. Technical Parameters of Vertical Press Brake

    The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Oil Capacity  20 gal
Bending Capacity Max Length Max Thickness  50" / .098"
Power  220V / 3-phase
Shipping Weight  2,640 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions  55.5" x 47.5" x 80.75"



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