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1.2mm PVC RIB Boat With CE Certificate

1.2mm PVC RIB Boat With CE Certificate

1.2mm PVC RIB Boat With CE Certificate


The RIB boat is made of 1.2 mm PVC , 1.2mmPVC is a very strong and durable material, which is made of this material to resist abrasion, pressure and long service life. Their advantages in speed, manipulation, and portability make you feel comfortable to use. And many sizes for your choose.




It has a very flexible and accurate control system and is more labor-saving.

It can turn sharply in a more stable posture.

Has a powerful power system, faster, less energy.

Compared with traditional vessels, inflatable boats have higher safety and can adapt to many kinds of water.

We can provide CE certificate.


Length(cm) Width(cm) Tube Diameter(cm) Net Weight(kgs) Gross Weight(kgs) Max Persons Max Engine(HP) Material
520 245 53 400 403 9 70 PVC
580 248 53 422 440 10 90
680 303 54 740 757 10-12 225
750 240 51 800 812 12 250
850 288 62 1125 1200 12 200-300

5.Photo of the RIB boat with CE certificate:

inflatable boat r2

RIB boat at sea

color card

Color card (It can be customized according to customer's requirement)

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