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7Persons RIB Boat With Engine

7Persons RIB Boat With Engine

7Persons RIB Boat With Engine


The RIB boat is made from PVC or HYPALON, and customers can customize it according to their needs. Both of these materials are robust and reliable and can be used in any environment.Proper hardness and deep v-shaped design allow it to split the waves in the sea. RIB boats with engines are faster and smoother.




It is available for 2-7persons.

PVC inflatable boat has excellent air tightness and long service life.

The inflatable boat has a good balance between good performance and comfort.

Has a powerful power system, faster, less energy.

It can move at high speed in a safe environment.You can enjoy surfing as much as you like.


Length(cm) Width(cm) Tube Diameter(cm) Net Weight(kgs) Max Persons Max Engine(HP) Material
430 193 47 182 7 40


5.Standard Accessories:

2 Oars

1 Foot pump

1 Repair kit

1 Boat cover

1 Fiberglass anchor tray

1 Benches with cushions

1 center console(including windshield,6 point switch,oil gauge)

1 seat box(with cushion and stainless steel frame)

1 fiberglass or stainless steel roll bar(with navigation lights)

1 Standard steering system

6.Optional Accessories:(you need to pay for)

Trailer with CE certification

Life jacket


Electric air pump

Stainless steel sunshade

Fiberglass step ends

7.The photo of RIB boat with engine:

inflatable boat n1

The RIB boat at sea

inflatable boat n3

The RIB boat in the factory

color card

Color card (It can be customized according to customer's requirement)

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