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Steel Signal Searchlight

Steel Signal Searchlight

The Scope of Application:

Applied to signal exchange among ships, the visibility distance is 15n.m

Product Characteristic:

Steel has good corrosion resistance. A focus nut is arranged under the lamp shell to adjust the focal length of the light. The luminaire has a grille and a joystick that can emit light signals as needed. The lamp body can be rotated horizontally by 180° and tilted by 30° by means of a lifting rod or controller.

Production Authentication:

Approved by the CCS

Product Detail:

Voltage: DC100V AC220V

Power: 1000W

Lamp Holder: E40

Illuminant: incandesent focus bulb

Protection Class: IP56

Weight: 47.5kg

Drawing of Steel Signal Searchlight TG3:

Steel Signal Searchlight TG7:

Drawing of Steel Signal Searchlight TG7:

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