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Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

1. Description of Steel Plate Pretreatment Line

    The steel plate pretreatment line consists of feeding and blanking roller,shot blast system, dust removing system, testing roller, automatic paint-spraying system, drying system, as well as electrical control system (including a workpiece detector). It is applied to remove the rust, scale and contamination on the steel surface, so as to make the surface clean, bright but with a certain coarseness, by which the paint film can attach to the steel surface more firmly, hence the surface quality and the anti-corrosion capacity of products are improved. The primer (inorganic zinc silicate) automatically pre-painted after shot-blasting, can prevent the steel from being secondarily contaminated and rusted during operation in the workshop. And, the surfaces of the products are clean, unrusted, uncontaminated for final painting.
    This line, with a total length of 54m, designed and manufactured on the base of advanced experience native and abroad, has been furnished with a variety of properties, such as high technology, ideal structure, long duration, easy handling and maintenance and high efficiency.
    In the electric central controlling room are installed a TV touch screen, a TV monitor, whereby the operations can be controlled intuitively and the failures are observable. Meanwhile, through the TV monitor, the feeding and blanking statuses along the pretreatment line also are in view.
    In case there should be some urgencies and the machine should be stopped in no time, buttons of EMERGENCY STOP are installed at the upper blanking roller, shot blast chamber and paint sprayer in the general control room.

2. Steel Plate Pretreatment Line Technical Parameters

    (1) Processable workpiece:
    Specification of processable steel plate
    Thickness:                                            6~40mm
    Width:                                             ≤3000mm
    Length:                                        2000~15000mm
    Specification of processable profiled bar
    Length:                                           3000~15000mm
    Maximum section dimension of profiled bar: Width * Height        1500×300mm
    (2) Speed:
    Transportation speed of roller belt             V=0.8~3.5m/min
    Processing speed
    When processing steel plate: (steel plate in class B)      V=0.8~3.0m/min
    When processing profiled bar: (profiled bar in class B)       V=0.8~2.0m/min
    (3) Quality criterion:
    The cleanness of steel plate surface should conform to GB8923-88 (Steel plate in class B) Level Sa2.5
    Roughness of steel surface should conform to GB1031-83:       Ra40~70μm
    Thickness of paint film (dry):                              15~25μm
    (4) Environment protection criterion:
    Equipment’s noise should conform to GBJ87-85              ≤95dB
    Density of powder and dust emission: The emission density at the exit after air purifying should conform to GBJ4-73:   ≤80mg/m3



Technical Data

Max loading of conveying rollers



Delivery speed



Working speed for steel plate



Working speed for steel profile



Annual output


50000 (250 working days, 8 hours / shift)

Surface quality

Sa2.5 GB8923-88

Paint film Thickness



Temperature in drying chamber


Compressed air consumption





Dust Emission density



Noise of whole equipment



Power of whole line


About 395

The technical parameter is optional, we can accommodate your requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

3. Steel Plate Pretreatment Line General drawing

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