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SCBA with 6.8L Cylinder

SCBA with 6.8L Cylinder


SCBA with 6.8L cylinder is self-contained air breathing apparatus with positive pressure. As a special equipment for personal respiratory protection, it is necessary for people who work in toxic and harmful environments. This air respirator is consist of cylinder, backboard, decompressor, air supply valve, full face mask, pressure gauge and residual gas alarm. It is approved by CCS&EC.

Product Superiority:

1. Light weight

2. Chemical resistance

3. Easy to wear and comfortable to use

Product Detail:

Model No.: RHZK6.8/30, RHZKF6.8/30

Cylinder material: alloy steel, carbon fiber composite

Cylinder volume: 6.8L

Working duration: 60-70min

Alert pressure: 5-6MPa

Working pressure: 300bar

Cylinder working pressure: 30MPa

Certificate: CCS, EC

Photo of Air Breathing Apparatus:

Photo of Back Frame:

Photo of Full Face Mask:

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