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Pressure Relief Damper

Pressure Relief Damper

1. Product Introduction
Usually it is open, the angle of blade is adjustable at the range of 0 degree to 90 degrees manually, once fire occurs, the gas temperature of duct arrives at 70 degrees, and then the fuse protector will be fused and the damper will close under the pull of spring. Compared with the ordinary fire proof damper, it also can be opened and closed by DC24V electrical control.
2. Application
Apply to air ducts of ventilation and air-conditioning system which has smokeproofing and fireproofing requirements, especially suitable for the important buildings that can not be reset manually.
3. Features
(1).  Using galvanized steel as material to make sure good insulation performance, fire & corrosion resistance.
(2).  Duration, long service life.
(3).  Easy installation.
(4).  The flange is bended directly by the frame.
(5).  The valve size and color can be customized according to customer's requirements.
(6).  By DC24V power to close the valve
4. IACS Certificate: CE, KR, CCS, ABS, DNVGL, LR, BV

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