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Polyurea Mooring Buoy

Polyurea Mooring Buoy

Polyurea Mooring Buoy


Polyurea mooring buoy is a newly designed mooring equipment for ships and boats with the features of good impact resistance, light weight, large buoyancy, good corrosion resistance, bright and stable color and convenience for layout and recycling. The buoy body adopts the rigid flexible combined structure, which makes it have excellent anti-extrusion and impact resistance. Polyurea mooring buoy is mainly used for ship's anchorage mooring. It can be also used for other water engineering.

Main Features of Polyurea Mooring Buoy:

A. The polyurea buoy body is composed by various composite materials such as polyurea elastomer material, PE high elastic foam and steel. The buoy body has good elasticity. When collides with a vessel, the buoy body can be elastically deformed to absorb energy and recover quickly, which avoids the damage caused by the collision to the buoy itself and at the same time avoid the damage caused by the bump due to berthing vessels.

B. Polyurea mooring buoy is made of light material. The polyurea mooring buoy has the features of light weight and big buoyance. Polyurea buoy's weight is equivalent to 1/2 to 1/3 weight of metal buoy when both types of buoys are the same size. The inside of polyurea buoy is all filled with flexible foam material that does not absorb water. Different from the bulkhead structure of steel  mooring buoy, the polyurea buoy body has better anti-sinking capability than steel buoy after accidental damage.

C. The surface of polyurea buoy are sprayed polyurea material layer. Polyurea material has good compactness and good tensile strength (15 - 20 MPa) and excellent fracture elongation (300%-400%). The material itself is resistant to many acids and alkali corrosion, so polyurea buoys can be used in sea water and atmosphere for a long term. Polyurea buoys don't need to paint  maintenance. It has strong corrosion resistance. This reduce the maintenance cost.

D. Polyurea elastomer material in the buoy is added with high quality weather buoy paste and high quality UV absorbed and antioxidants. Polyurea layer throughout the entire floating body has a predetermined color and the polyurea layer will not rust, unlike the steel mooring buoy which is painted only on the surface and will rust dicoloration after the paint off the buoy. Therefore, polyurea buoys has more vivid and stable colors, which makes the buoy have better navigation ability and be easier identified.

E. Polyurea mooring buoy is light weight  and it is convenient for transportation, laying and recovery operation. It can use smaller ship crane and can also adopt the method of towing transport layout, which helps save the installation and maintenance costs.

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