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Polarization Test Probe

Polarization Test Probe


Polarization test probe is a long-acting, high-stability, IR-reducing buried-cavity pipeline cathodic protection potential measuring probe. It is mainly used for the detection and monitoring of cathodic protection potential in buried and underwater steel pipeline corrosion control engineering. The specific structure of the probe can eliminate the IR drop of about 90% in the soil medium. The built-in reference electrode of the probe is a copper/saturated copper sulfate electrode or a zinc electrode. This product was developed in accordance with NACE TM0494 "Test Method Standard for Cathodic Protection of Buried and Groundwater Metal Pipelines" and meets the requirements of domestic and international technical standards.


1 Stable point: copper / saturated copper sulfate electrode 70 ± 5mV (relative to the CES electrode).

2 Size: φ75 × 280mm.

3 Internal resistance: <1MΩ.

4 Service life: >10 years.

5 Eliminate IR drop: can eliminate the IR drop of about 90%.


When the polarization test probe is not in use, the lower part of the probe should be immersed in tap water. To prevent the polarized test piece from rusting, a sacrificial anode can be connected to the No. 2 or No. 3 wire of the probe. Even if the probe's test piece has floating rust, it can be removed with a single wipe before use, without affecting the function.

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