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Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer

Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer

1. Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer Summary

There are always new challenges facing pipe-laying companies on every new laying project, and there are additional challenges in repairing or maintaining existing pipeline installations. HI-SEA Marine is a leading supplier of pipe bending machine to the industry, and has introduced many industry firsts in its never-ending quest for increased productivity coupled with lower costs. We build many of our own tools and machinery to tackle repeating problems in piping. For example, we are pipe bending machine manufacturers.
Being able to do as much work as possible in the field can greatly speed up the rate at which pipelines can be completed. It saves having to coordinate production and delivery when non-standard sections of piping are required. Instead of having to pre-order angled pipes, our pipe bending machinery makes it possible to bend pipes on site.
All of our machine is manufactured from the very highest quality steel, and built to the most rigorous standards. This is vital to provide reliable performance in the most rugged environments. Engineers overseeing pipe laying projects know the importance of having equipment they can rely on to overcome unforeseen problems. That is why so many of them insist on using the services of HI-SEA Marine.

2. Pipe Bending Machine Distinguishing Features

Hydraulic controls allow one operator complete control of all bending machine functions.
Hydraulically driven DP winch is used to move pipe through the bending machine.
Indicator rod calibrated so that the operator can consistently make uniform bends.
Bending sets are required for each pipe size within the machines range.
Machine is designed to bend all grades of currently available pipe within its range.
Towing tongue on the bending machine is attached to the stiffback and canbe raised and lowered when connecting to a tow tractor.
3. Workshop of Pipe Bending Machine Manufacturer

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