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Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder

Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder

1. Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder Application

Boarding ladder is an equipment for people boarding and disembarking safely and favourably during oil tanker operating at modern size oil dock. The conventional boarding equipment accomplish the purpose by accommodation ladder of tanker. During the development of oil dock, latter-day size oil dock, special naked pier, dock surface is discontiguous and too high in elevation, the ship bump and drift continually and strongly during operation.
Distance between the shipboard in berth and the edge of dock is too long because of the large fender, in this condition, it is difficult to settle the contact between ship and dock with accommodation ladder. So as to accelerate loading work of tanker and ensure that people is safe during board and disembarking, the boarding ladder almost become a necessary equipment same as marine loading arm at oil dock.
There are many types of boarding ladder for selection. Usually adapting mechanical and hydraulic drive system for drive mechanism of boarding ladder, and equipped various protection device as per requirement during design to ensure each drive mechanism safe operation, determine to adopt explosion proof electrical equipment for boarding ladder according to the characteristic of handing oil at dock.

2. Government Standard of Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder

Our boarding ladder completely meet following government standard:

(1) Hoister design standards
(2) Steel structure design standards
(3) Chemical and petroleum enterprise design standards—fireproof electrics
(4) Handing oil dock fireproof design standards
(5) Measurement of dry film thickness
(6) Surface rust grade and scale removal grade of steel before painting
(7) Erection quality test criterion for harbor equipment
(8) Hydraulic system general technical specification
(9) Steel and alloy chemical analysis

3. Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder Main Technical Parameters

equipment gross power


equipment weight


working height range

Above 20m, below 7m

swing angle of platform


working grade


pitching angle of main ladder


pitch angle of front ladder


design pressure of hydraulic cylinder


explosion proof grade


protection grade



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4. Oil Tanker Boarding Ladder Working Picture

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